Conservatives don’t care about the policy, they care about the fight

“Fact is, we went to war, and now there ain’t no going back. I mean, shit, it’s what war is, you know? Once you in it, you in it. If it’s a lie, then we fight on that lie.” Slim Charles.

Did anyone see this story going around this week about the journalist in Chicago attempting to purchase an assault rifle and being denied? Here’s the piece. It was supposed to be the Chicago answer to the story in Philly about the journalist who was able to get a gun in seven minutes. It didn’t go as well for the Chicago writer.

Helen of Troy, errrr Philly.

In the story the writer tries to purchase a gun at a gun store he had been to previously to shoot guns at the range. Not for a story he was going to write, but just for fun. This time he was going to purchase a gun and then write a story about it. One of the gun shop employees recognized him as columnist for the city paper. This didn’t stop anyone in the story from selling him the gun he was after. He paid for it and then had to wait 24 hours- per Illinois state law- before he could technically own it.

The next day he got a voicemail from the gun shop telling him he had been denied and they were canceling the sale and refunding him the money. They wouldn’t tell him why they were canceling the sale on the phone, but later sent a statement to the paper he works at telling him he was denied because he has a history of alcohol abuse and domestic abuse.

Despite getting turned down for what the gun shop says is a history of alcoholism and domestic violence, the writer decided to have the paper run the story anyhow with the reasons the gun shop gave him. That struck me as weird- why would this columnist write that he was an alcoholic with a history of domestic abuse?

So I dug a little deeper and found the writer’s blog. Turns out he is a recovering alcoholic and the domestic abuse claim is arbitrary at best. What is factual is that he has no arrests, no convictions, no criminal record. And yet he was still refused his constitutional right to bear an arm.

This story has been all over the right wing media. Seriously, Google Chicago writer tries to purchase a gun and see what pops up. Make sure your virus defense software is up to date before clicking any of the links though.

In every instance the angle is the reporter is an idiot libtard and got turned down for a gun. Or as this scholar puts it:

Memo to leftist new’s editors: those stories you keep writing where you send reporters to buy guns to prove…I don’t know, whatever you’re trying to prove? You may want to run your own background check on the reporter first. You know, to avoid the inevitable surgical removal of your foot, lodged forcibly into your own mouth. Also to prevent ours from being lodged forcibly up your ass. ObamaCare probably won’t cover that. Unless you’re a transgender something or other.
One of these guys is Canadian and claims to be a comedian and called Chris Rock a racist. The other is man born in Canada who ran for President in the US and tried to ban dildos or something.

In not one instance can I find one of these stories asking why a man with no arrests, convictions or criminal record not allowed to exercise his constitutional right and purchase a gun? Why aren’t these right wing media sites up in arms about a person’s rights being trampled? Why is there no uproar on Rush (who reported the story) or Fox (who also reported the story) or Breitbart (who also reported the story) about constitutional rights?

The reason is because constitutional rights has never been the reason for the right’s manufactured outrage on guns or anything else. At their core they don’t care about the ability to buy or sell a gun any time you want and from whomever you want.

Because if they legalize it than you won’t vote next time around.

No, what they care about fighting is the person who would try to get in the way of that right. They only care about identifying and slandering the individual who has an opinion different than theirs. An un-American opinion in their minds. Think about how many times you have heard or read that Obama or Hillary or Bernie or insert any Democrat here is going to take your guns. And that they are covertly working to pass legislation to storm your house and gather all of your firearms. Seriously- read this headline:

It’s Happening! Democrats Introduce Bill To Take Away YOUR GUNS!

The site that posted that headline has 2.4 million likes on Facebook.

Look at this one:

BREAKING: Obama Announces Plans to Ban Guns for Elderly and Disabled Americans

The site that posted this story has over 400,000 followers on Facebook.

Yet not once have any of them said anything close to that. Not once. There is not a shred of evidence to suggest that any of them want to do that.

In a poll conducted by the New York Times and CBS News in October, 52 percent of respondents said it was at least “somewhat likely” that “stricter gun laws will eventually lead to the federal government trying to take away guns from Americans who legally own them.”

But that hasn’t stopped both Republican politicians and right wing media outlets from passing off the idea that the jack booted thugs are going to come and take your guns as fact: “They’re not going to take your guns away, folks. They’re trying,” said Donald Trump. “Obama wants your guns,” said Ted Cruz. “Just one more way to make it harder for law-abiding people to buy weapons or to be able to protect their families,” said Marco Rubio.

Every one of those politicians knows what they’re saying is a lie. But they also know that the same base who elected Donald Trump is going to respond to it. Marco Rubio knows what he is saying is total BS. Trump knows he is just pulling crap out of his butt. Ted Cruz knows, errrr, actually Ted Cruz appears to be the kind of guy who thinks if he wishes hard enough something will change from lie to fact. But it doesn’t matter to any of them because their base is uninterested if it is fact or not. Conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt: “Fact checking doesn’t matter,” and he’s right. 76 percent of Trump’s statements are rated either “mostly false,” “false,” or “pants on fire,” on Politifact.

And it especially doesn’t matter to the right wing media when they tell lies about policy. It’s about attacking the messenger, attacking the person. It’s about riling up the base and driving up clicks and ratings. It’s about drawing a line in the sand that says I’m over here, I’m an American! You’re over there trying to take away everything that used to make this country great and turn us into socialists!

If the right wing media was truly interested in the cause, why aren’t they writing about this reporter not being able to buy his gun? Why isn’t every headline “American with no arrests, convictions or criminal record denied buying a gun in the murder capital of the country!”

Instead we get Breitbart with this real headline:

Chicago Journalist Tries to Buy an AR-15 to Prove a Point, Gets Humiliated

Seriously Breitbart? You wrote this story last October that featured the headline: When Obama Says He Won’t Take Your Guns, History Proves He’s Lying in which you call the President a serial. And now you have a legit story of a person being denied their constitutional right to purchase a firearm and you have nothing to say about it other than calling the guy an idiot?

That’s because its not about the issue or the right to buy a gun. The only goal is to keep the fight going, keep the fire burning. It’s why 79 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say their side loses more than it wins in politics. Because those Republicans only hear total horseshit coming from the media they watch and read and the politicians they listen to.

They understand that if they continue to stoke the fire, their constituents will continue to vote. And continue to click their stories. And continue to watch their shows. The alternative of informing their readers and viewers the facts at this point would only be an admission of total fabrications being manufactured and drilled into their skull for years and years. It would be the con-man preacher coming clean and admitting the whole thing was a ruse.

Did you know Leap of Faith was Roger Ebert’s all time favorite movie? It wasn’t, but if I could get Sean Hannity to say it on his show 45 million Americans would believe it.

It’s the same thing when it comes to abortion. The last thing Republican politicians want is for abortion to be outlawed. The 109th Congress took their seats in 2005 and for two full years the Republicans had the majority in the House, the Senate and W was in the White House. Can you recall any significant legislation to turn Roe v Wade during that time? Try and Google it and see what you find. Let me know how that goes.

Tangent 1: Do you remember who the Speaker of the House was in the 109th Congress? Confessed and convicted Republican child molester Denny Haster. Do you remember who was the Senate President Pro Tem? Convicted Republican felon Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. (yes the verdict was overturned due to lawyer idiocy, but didn’t change the facts of the case). Other stars of that Congress: Republican felon Tom DeLay, Republican felon Bob Ney, Republican felon Duke Cunningham, Republican should have been felon for constantly sending sexual emails, IMs and phone calls to his teenage boy pages, Mark Foley. Just to be fair, here’s one Democrat felon from that Congress, William Jefferson.

There was no movement on overturning Roe v Wade when Republicans had the majority for the same reason not one of those right wing sites mentioned someone’s constitutional rights being violated when that reporter couldn’t buy a gun. The reason is they don’t care about the policy. They only care about the fight. If abortion was outlawed tomorrow, the right would lose, by some estimates, 20% of their voters who are single issue abortion voters.

Tangent 2: That Congress was also responsible for the Jack Abramoff scandal, the Terri Schiavo fiasco in which the entire Congress stopped what they were doing to give their medical opinions to a woman in a coma for 15 years due to brain damage, the deplorable response and handling of Hurricane Katrina, and oh yeah, they earned the title of the “Do Nothing Congress” because they met for fewer days than any Congress since World War II. Makes you wonder why that was the last time the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House at the same time.

With gun control the numbers are even higher with a staggering 40% of voters saying they wouldn’t vote for a politician who they otherwise agree with if they were for more gun control regulations.

Think about those numbers from a Republican strategist point of view. Do you really want those issues off the table? Do you really want to put to rest your two biggest issues you have going to ratchet up the base and give oxygen to the giant bonfire you have going? I would be willing to bet that given truth serum those same politicians who talk about their dream of ending abortion would be scared out of their mind if it was made illegal. Same thing with guns. If Democrats ever decided to be just as pro gun as the Republicans that would be a major problem for Republicans.

In poll after poll when presented with the platform and ideas of each party, respondents agree with the Democrats far more than Republicans. However, the person who strongly agrees with Democrats on virtually every issue under the sun other than gun control is never voting for that Democrat strictly because of the gun control stance.

This is why you see Republican politicians doing literally anything the NRA tells them to do. This is why a gift of $2500 from the NRA can buy the vote of a Republican forever. This is why right wing media news outlets fire off those ridiculous headlines every single day. This is why countless memes that contain less than a sliver of truth about guns, gun control and Obama’s diabolical secret plan to take your guns show up on your Facebook feed every day.

And this is why when given a gift of a story about a reporter trying to purchase a gun and being denied despite having no arrests, convictions nor criminal records those same news outlets who tell you that Obama and the big bad Socialist, pacifist, un-American Democrats are coming for your guns, ignore the fact that the man’s constitutional rights were infringed and instead make fun of the humiliated libtard loser. Because the conservative politicians and news outlets aren’t fighting for your actual rights, they just need you to think they are.

Watch this video if you’re interested in the real truth about Obama and gun control.

“At no point have I ever proposed confiscating guns from responsible gun owners.”