An Open-er Web — Instagram Stories API in Ruby

It began, as most side-projects do, with a really stupid idea.

“What if I could cross-post my Instagram Stories to Tumblr?”

I really enjoy the quickness and ease of posting Stories to Instagram. I’ve found myself posting more things in-the-moment and capturing small details I find in life. Yet, I wish they had more staying power. I love looking back on my Instagrams and remembering the moment I shot that photo—why shouldn’t I be able to do the same with the Stories I post?

So I sought out on a quest to find out how to access the Stories API.

I saw that some work had been done on finding the proper endpoints, so I knew it was possible. Just had to figure out how to make it work outside of the browser. I also saw that there has been some success on accessing other parts of the Instagram API, so I knew that was possible too.

I ended up creating a ruby script that would combine some of those ideas and give me something I could throw on Heroku and run a cron-job on to post to Tumblr using their API.

The result ended up here:

I’m very happy with the results, so I thought I’d share the code for accessing the API so other people could do things with their stories as well.

I believe in an open web. I believe that people should be able to access the content they create, and be able to do amazing things with it. I hope that things like this project and more like it can encourage content networks to open up their APIs more and provide more access to the data we create so we can make the web a little more awesome.

Check it out on GitHub

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