Is An Entrepreneur A Leader?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes.

But what kind of leader is an entrepreneur, is there even a need to distinguish between the types of leaders that exist and do startups require a special kind of leader?

These questions popped up in my head as I met with various founders at a startup event in Beirut. They all had different ways of approaching their members and how much power they felt comfortable passing on to their team.

So to try and find an answer I’ll go over the qualities the entrepreneurial world requires of a leader.

Vision and the responsibility to follow it

A leader, unlike a boss, leads his fellow colleagues. But he can’t do that if he doesn’t even know where he is heading. The great entrepreneur leader knows exactly where he wants to bring his startup and makes sure the entire team understands his goal.

In addition to walking the path, the leader must always maintain responsibility for his teammates. They trust him to guide them and he is the one who brought them on board as such their errors are also his to bear.

Communication communication communication

When you start out on your journey it is absolutely imperative that your entire team knows what is happening and is up to date.

Being completely open with your employees is the best way to build deep trust among the members of your business. The more they trust you and understand your vision the more they will personally associate themselves with your business and that is pure gold.

An employee that personally loves the business as much as you will keep on giving in the form of harder work, great ideas and a positive attitude.

Create the perfect environment

Know that every member of your business has personal experience and unique points of view that can always add to the growth of your firm.

By encouraging and promoting these exchanges of ideas you create an environment where everyone is glad to come in even on Mondays.

Listening to their thoughts and problems but also challenging them with difficult tasks and increased responsibilities will give your employees the chance to personally develop and challenge themselves.

The takeaway from this is that a leader, especially in an entrepreneurial environment must understand that he isn’t supposed to stand above his team but rather with them.

If you know any other skills and traits that make a great leader don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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