Knowledge Is Power: Sharpening Your Competitive Edge

Knowledge is power, especially for an entrepreneur. They live in a scene where everything moves incredibly fast and being in the know can be the difference between success and failure.

The importance of information in this world is compounded by the fact that these people do not only read the info they immediately apply it, you’re not in Kansas anymore, you’re in a world of Doers.

But at the same time no founder has the time or patience to go through hundreds of useless click bait and rumor based articles in order to find truly useful information.

You need smart and actionable information that is quickly accessible. To help with that we’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to stay on top of things.


If you don’t know about flipboard then you are missing out on one of the best information gathering tools there is. Download the app, create and account and then add all the subjects you want to stay up to date to.

Flipboard will automatically scour the internet and prepare you a custom feed of relevant information from reputable (usually) sources. You also have the option to follow the curated flipbook (like a magazine) of someone well versed in the subject.

Google Alerts

A little less known, Google Alerts is a simple way to get your custom digital newspaper. Go to, there you can create alerts to whatever search term you want (I recommend creating an alert for your name) and then choosing how often you want your Google Digest.


If used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful tool to gather real time information on trending topics and what people feel about them.

Quora and maybe Reddit

Quora is like yahoo answers except most answers are written by certified professionals and big names in the field. Similar to flipboard, you can follow subjects you are interested in but also ask your own questions and request an answer from who you want.

Reddit is like Quora but it can also be a lot like 9gag. If you manage to stay focused and only follow relevant subreddits you may benefit from the ever useful AMAs (ask me anything) that are often hosted by famous people in fields specific to the subreddit.

This is a short list of some of the most versatile and powerful information gathering tools for the time pressed entrepreneur. Do you have any tools and resources you use to stay up to date? Leave a comment below with your best ones!

Kyle Uchitel is an authority figure in several niches, including the niche of nutrition and supplements. Hook up with Kyle Uchitel on,, or He can also be reached on, Twitter, and Facebook.