Shopping for Your Teen’s First Vehicle

Getting your first car is a teenagers dream come true and often a parent’s greatest nightmare. While it may be impossible to persuade your teen to toss the keys and walk instead, there are ways of ensuring their safety. Driving classes surely help as do curfews, but a very important too is knowing the best cars to buy. The salesman will do their best to entice your teen, make sure you stand your ground when making the plunge. After all, you hard earned dollars and your teenager’s safety is at stake. There are several factors to keep in mind when making the purchase.

1. New is not always better: While you don’t want a car with tons of mileage, a pricy monthly payment is no walk in the park. Keep in mind car insurance, an added monthly payment and gas money will add up. A gently used car just may be the way to go.

2. Gas guzzlers: Teens have responsibilities too and are just starting to make their way into this expensive world. Help them find something with a small to medium tank to make their travel time worthwhile.

3. Safety: New drivers need a reliable vehicle with safety features. Find a car with airbags, good brakes and enough room to protect them in the event of an impact.

Cars Worth Considering

The 2004–2009 Mazda 3 is compact, equipped with 4 wheel drive and fully independent suspension. It features great speaker sound, a decent engine and 405 miles of travel time per tank load. The Mazda is a bit noisy on the road and doesn’t have any side airbags in place. It’s in the 3,500 price range and is a good car to start out with. The 1999–2010 Volkswagen Golf/Jetta TDI is a favorite because it provides durability without speed. The gas tank is admirable, it’s quiet unlike other compacts and comes with an average of $4,000 price tag. For $9,000 the 2004–2010 Toyota Prius has a spacious back seat and fabulous fuel economy. Green teens will love this hip car, but be mindful the battery might be pricy to replace.

Car shopping can be an intense, but rewarding experience for both parent and teen. Shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle. Keep these tips in mind when on your adventure and you’re sure to find a reliable vehicle.

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