Ni hao, or hello, my name is Hongjian, or you can just call me Kyle, this is my first blog, so let’s do a self-introduction first. I am a Chinese, and I move to the State with my parents when I was 16, I have lived at Philly for 7 years already; During this seven years I have travel a lot cities in the State, and also outside of the United State, my favorite is still Philly.

I consider Philly as my second hometown, but where I came from is also a beautiful place, I was born in a island, and raised at Fuzhou, a southeast coast city in China, growing up surrounding by water in not a fun at all, we have to learn how to swim when we still are little kid, and as a little kid, I really scare of water, I mean ocean. The adults maybe just want to make sure we would not accidentally drowned, but learning swimming in the sea is still terrfied. However, somehow I learned how to swimming in the sea, and starts to enjoy it; This is probably the beginning of my adventurous life. :)

This blog will be recording my adventurous life, and also the ENGINEERING behind all of it, it is eventually a engineering blog. :P

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