Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve found new joy with writing my Vue.js components within Storybook as a tool to visualise all the possible permutations of a given Component in isolation from the target application.

https://dev.to/kylewelsby/writing-tests-for-vue-js-storybook-1bh9It’s all fair game writing your code, hitting save and seeing the change in the browser and visually observing everything works as expected. That’s not good enough! I want unit-tests to ensure my components functionality is what I expect. ✅

In this guide, I’ll show you how to install Jest to your Storybook project and examples of tests for Vue.js components.

Getting started

If you already…

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I’m working on a side project around my paid client work and weekly Soulection Tracklists publications called TracksPlayed (a spin-off from Soulection Tracklists).

With this new project, I’m exploring new technologies and processes to improve features I wish I had in Soulection Tracklists.

Here is an insight into a process that I think will allow the community to suggest changes to data (I’m also open to suggestions in the comment section if you have other solutions).

For this; will assume you’re using Firebase FireStore (a real-time NoSQL database by Google), but can easily be adapted to work with MongoDB and…

A personal project of mine has me open the pandora’s box of all fun and new technology. I usually am not able to use in my daytime job — Firebase Firestore and Cloud Functions (Lambdas for you AWS folk). 🤖

I challenged myself to write a function that takes a payload of data and creates a record in Firebase. Along with this challenge, I wanted to wrap my functionality with unit-tests as a new stretch goal.

The official Firebase Cloud Functions documentation is easy to read and understand for very basic use-cases. I wanted to go the extra mile beyond…

Kyle Welsby

Code Wrangler, Travel & Food Photographer, and Maker of http://soulectiontracklists.com . From Great Britain 🇬🇧

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