Let the universe know what you want

Throughout my entire career, I have been very blessed with many opportunities. I’ve gotten to do the things I’ve wanted to do, to build up my of skill set, and push myself to the next thing.

At one point I use to consider it luck that an opportunity would show up and carry me to a new place or a new experience. I have learned that it is not luck as it is the willingness to be open to these new opportunities. To put myself out there for them to find me.

I put my goals and ambitions out into the universe and I let the universe work out how they might come to fruition.

That is my very high-level concept.

In reality, there are some very easy steps a person can take to move them in the direction of there goals. This then opens themselves up to those potential opportunities.

It has taken me a while to understand that I take these specific steps towards my goals somewhat unknowingly. Now recognizing them I thought it time to put them on paper… or on the blog.

So what will follow is a short series. I will identify the steps I take on a daily basis that allows me to put my goals out into the universe.

As I publish these posts the list below will be linked.

Originally published at kylewith.com on July 29, 2017.