Procrastination to Production: How I Created the Perfect Instagram Captions using Drake lyrics

My friends Gabriel, Faith, and I had never been to Canada, so we decided we would take a trip up to Vancouver in early November 2018. While we were there, I noticed the Aubrey and the Three Migos concert was also happening the same weekend. Granted, I saw Drake on tour literally the week before in Oakland, but I was still super stoked and thought “Hmm, maybe I’ll randomly run into Drake while I’m here”.

Spoiler Alert: I didn’t meet Drake, but I did come up with a super cool idea for the culture! #DoItForTheCulture

If you know me or follow me on Instagram @Kyleculus, you may have noticed that a lot of my captions are Drake lyrics. I often struggle with captions so I generally default to the wise Socrates…I mean…Drake for counsel as his songs are relatable and a representation of the grandiose lifestyle I want to live.

7 AM in Germany, can’t believe that they heard of me
Sun is down, freezing cold ❄️

As a huge procrastinator via Instagram, neglecting my responsibilities and scrolling endlessly, I noticed I wasn’t the only person that uses Drake lyrics as captions. Odell Beckham Jr., a close friend of Drake, actually does this all the time.

“These days I’m lettin God handle all things above me, the things I can’t change are the reason you love me.”
“You remind me of a quarterback, this 🤬 is all in the past…”

I have a computer science background and work professionally as a Software Engineer, so I decided to take on the adventurous endeavor to build Drakestagram. Drakestagram is a website where people can search keywords based on the vibes of their photo, and it returns them with a lyric to use as a caption.

Background Photo Credit: Lourdes Sukari

The website went up New Years Day (2019) and in the first two days of the website being up, there were over 2,400 searches for Drake lyrics! And the most searched keyword so far is “Love”, I guess cuffing season is in full effect!

Over 2400 searches across all users
Top 12 Searched Keywords

Huge shoutout to everyone that’s supported Drakestagram so far! The service is free to use as much as you like, however there are costs associated with hosting the web application so donations are welcomed.

“You can thank me now, go ‘head. Thank me later, yeah I know what I said” -Drake

For media inquiries, please DM @Kyleculus or email on Instagram.