First Paper

When my first paper in corner stone was assigned I was absolutely clueless and stumped for an idea. When I thought about how technology effected my life I considered my options and remembered the silly conversation that started my and my boyfriends entire three year relationship and thought duh how could I forget about that. I looked back to the conversation on Facebook and re read it a few times and just started writing whatever came to my mind! The typing the paper part went pretty smoothly for me. It was a topic I was very familiar with so I wrote it within two nights. I did take a few extra days to look over it and fix a few things, but other than that the writing part wasn’t too bad. I had two people read over my paper, Anna Koehler, my best friend who said she thought I did a really good job with the description aspect of the paper. I also had Neamiah (sorry if I didn’t spell that right ☹) go over my paper in class during the peer evaluation and he said the same thing as well. He made the comment that my paper was very relatable. I personally think I did a good job proving that internet can be positive! To me, positivity and optimism is the most important thing you can have and I learned that I for the most part pick out the better things in worse situations. The only weak part of my paper was where to put the quotes from the book in my paper. If I could re do this assignment I would pick something around the same topic about how internet can be a positive tool in our lives, but me and my boyfriend just recently split up.. So no I would not write about the same topic if I didn’t have to. For my next writing assignment I am going to make an outline again, I found that it helped me out a lot when I was struggling with what to write about.

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