A Solution To The World Deadliest Animal?

People often ask which animal is killing the most people. Not those wild animals known? No! The correct answer, of course, is the female mosquito — no fur, no fangs, nothing but a winged hypodermic needle. Its length is only five millimeters, it has six legs, and it is the most effective vector of diseases of the whole animal kingdom. Thanks to her smell that she finds us, attracted by the lactic acid and other ingredients of our sweating. It also feels the carbon dioxide that we exhale and reaches our face by tracing the wake of our breathing. The more we sweat, and the more we pant in hunting it, the more we are interested.

One would even be ready to give her one milliliter of blood, in spite of the itching that accompanies her sting, if one were not worried about what she can transmit. Among the many pathogens a mosquito can carry, the worst is malaria, which kills more than one million people each year, two-thirds of whom are in sub-Saharan Africa, mostly children five years. Mammalian blood contains a very rich mixture of protein, iron, fat and sugar that triggers the ovaries of a female mosquito. In just 90 seconds, it can suck up to three times its blood weight. We open our windows more, spend more time on the terrace or in the garden, and sleep the window open for a little more coolness during the night. As a result, the mosquitoes attacked.

One may have thought of the solution to these blood-sucking insects, and of course, there are a plethora of options available in the market while considering a lot of factors in choosing the best. Commercial anti-mosquitoes have an advantage: they are very effective. Indeed, the active ingredients contained in this type of product are strictly elaborated for the sole purpose of removing or seeing to kill these insects which sometimes prevent us from sleeping.

But they also have disadvantages and can be polluting or detrimental to health. Several agencies have published several scientific studies concerning the health risks of these products. It is important to emphasize that combustion or spraying of an anti-mosquito product releases many toxic and polluting substances, which have irritating effects on the respiratory tract.

The Solution?

The mosquitoes are attracted to dirty places, in which there are standing water or bright rooms. So, to avoid mosquito infestations, first, clean your interior from top to bottom, and limit the places where water stagnates. Similarly, when night falls, do not leave the lights on in the rooms you want to keep from mosquitoes.

What if there exists a better solution?

With our population increases and with more and more people living in dense urbanized environments, the effective indoor mosquito traps are all outdated. So with more incorporated research and innovations from the last few years to develop the new generation of smart mosquito traps that are both eco-friendly and low-power usage to fit in the current society. There comes a more effective way, a unique technology to create even more effective mosquito traps and with this everyone will have a chance to use it to fight against mosquitoes at home.

The Trapping Methods

The technology uses a combination of methods to specifically lure female mosquitoes (the ones that bite) into our traps.

As it is known, female mosquitoes track humans mainly by tracing our CO2 and H2O. They can track us up to 50 meters and follow the CO2 back to the place of origin. Using a special 360 degrees CCFL/UV light that can last up to 40.000+ hours and uses up to 66% less power. The UV lights up a surface coated with TiO2 to enable the process below to lure mosquitoes in the vicinity.

Interestingly, the methods were borne out of the careful research and studies into how mosquitoes operate, and this has been very effective in trapping these deadliest insects. As part of the research, an incorporated USB 3.0 charger to easily recharge your phone was developed. Reason being that this an excellent idea to increase the heat generation of the device (Mosquito Box) to attract mosquito’s but many would incorporate wasting energy to generate heat.

Therefore, by adding the USB Charger to charge your phone, the device and your phone produce extra heat to attract mosquitoes, this way it will not waste any energy and produce our desired additional heat attraction.


The device is designed for indoor usage but is also capable functioning outdoors like for your garden/patio or balcony. It is a specialized device that lures in mosquitoes and can offer an alternative for the mosquito when there are no options available for the mosquito to bite like in your living room or bedroom it will be attracted to the trap and captured. The most important aspect is that you have to keep the trap on when there are no alternatives for mosquitoes to guarantee a 100% capture.