Back in 2015 I wrote one blog post a week for an entire year as part of a project called ‘Two in Fifty Two’. Each week I’d document my success, failures, learnings and experiences as a designer. While I found the demand of a weekly blog post challenging, it was also very rewarding. I learnt the value of reflection, my writing improved and I got better at organising my thoughts, helping me to improve my communication skills beyond the written word. I wish I could say I continued! …

How developers can make designers’ lives easier. Sort of.

A love letter of sorts.

Last month, a tweet by Yesenia Perez-Cruz, Senior Designer at Vox Media, caught my eye. Her tweet asked what seemed like a simple question:

Usually, when these sorts of questions are asked on Twitter, there is an overwhelming variety of answers. While the answers varied, the majority of those who tackled the question proposed that the reason behind the lack of articles was due to the nature of the design/development process being sequential — work moves forwards not backwards. …

Kylie Timpani

Senior Designer at @wearehumaan

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