I Was Taught That Protecting Myself From Men Meant Protecting Men Before Myself
Abby Norman

Reading things like this makes me glad my talk was a little different. My mom knew predators were in the world, you can’t not. But when warning me of those predators, she treated them like bullies. That whatever I did, it was still their fault. A short skirt and low top was no more an invitation to unwanted touch and advances, then wearing goofy clothing was an invitation to being bullied. Just like no amount of eccentricity is justification for bullying, no amount of sex appeal is justification of groping, cat calling, rape and whatever horrific things these nasty people do.

But still both these things happen, so she taught me to roar, to fight(both literally and figuratively. I learned Judo as a kid(loved it)), to never ever think of myself as prey.

Which I think is why when I had my own #metoo story, there was no guilt or shame. I knew I had done nothing wrong. I never had to realize that.

Another thing I will forever be grateful to my mother for.