The Invisible boss

Kylin Vandermeer

She straightened the front of her suit. Nothing was off, she didn’t look the least bit abnormal. The Rolex on her wrist was just expensive enough, she wore just enough make-up to hide her sleep deprivation. Nothing odd, strange, or otherwise problematic had happened.

Except the one word answers, and the general feeling that the group of men she was now in charge of would have liked to eat her as much as the goodies she’d brought in. She poked at the business style bun. It couldn’t be all that nonsense grandmother always talked about, how men would never be okay with a woman being in charge.

It had to be something else. Didn’t it?

There was an easy way to find out. She glanced at the door. No one would see, or not see. She took off her shoes and turned invisible. Slipping out of her new office and into the boardroom was easy enough.

Only three of them were still there, enjoying the leftover donuts. Folks had a hard time ignoring how good her baking was. IT was the extra ingredients of love and eye of newt.

“I still don’t get it,” George said. He was an older fella, balding, and no more than a decade away from retiring. “Half the department was qualified so why hire an outsider?”

“Because the last person they hired from inside the company turned into a tyrant and almost ate the receptionist’s soul.” Jeff took a jelly donut from the dwindling collection. His hand looked more like a gargoyle’s than a person.

Her brow furrowed. Were they being literal? Was she lucky enough for the rumors to be true?

Steve cleared his throat. He was probably good looking under the ill-kept beard and poorly fitting suit. He’d been the only one to give the least bit of warmth during the meeting. “You lot are all too busy wondering what the big boss is thinking, and missed the real point. That lass has potential, and I don’t think she’s entirely a stranger to things like us.”

“You think they’ll induct her?” Jeff finished off his donut and went for a brownie.

“They better, I’m not keeping up this glamour permanently.” George smoothed over his comb over. “It’s hard enough at the mall.”

“Given how well she put up with you lot being a bunch of Jeeves I think we’re in at the very least, capable hands.” Steve put on a pair of thick, horn-rimmed glasses. “And it’s not like there’s a lot of our lot who have business and marketing degrees.”

She grinned and started edging towards the door. The rumors were at least somewhat true. But most of all grandmother was wrong.

“I still miss the good old days when taking over the top spot meant a fight.” George said.

Jeff chuckled. “Back than being a boss meant yelling at minions, now it means extra paper work, longer hours and you’ve still got to answer to the big boss.” He grabbed another brownie. “No thanks, 9–5 and straight home for me.”

Kylin Vandermeer

Written by

Writer, artist, occasional philosopher, student and reader. Seeking escape from the mundane through art, knowledge and deeper thinking.

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