Table of contents for all my tales

Kylin Vandermeer

All links are friendly, so even if it’s behind the pay wall, you can still read it.


Across the stars — What is time against eternity?

In a swamp most foul — Three boys wander into a haunted swamp and discover a terrible secret.

The invisible boss — Because sometimes there’s only one way to find out how you’re minions think of you.

Making change — Some change is hard, but sometimes the consequences are worse.

Theft and murder by persons unknown — A murder, a theft, a mystery.

Lost and Alone — Trapped in a cave she’s afraid of more than just the dark.

Waiting — Time passes with the tick of a clock

Unreasonable neighbors — 8 foot garden gnomes and broken mail boxes lead to escalation.


Hello 2018 how do you do. A review of 2017, and thoughts going into 2018

What if depression Does define me? — a reflection on how depression has formed who I am.

#Metoo — A personal account of my own encounter with a would be predator

Why it matters that Van Gogh probably-maybe didn’t kill himself — Thoughts about the implications of challenging the forever unwell story of Van Gogh.

Why I never say I’m fine — A small change in speech, that helped my mental health.

I’m not okay. Not all the time — Dealing with loss.


To the one I let go — Goodbye can be the hardest word to say.

How do I love you? — Sometimes letting yourself love yourself is hard.

Art work

I’ve done a series of near daily drawing exercises, and each one has a little bit of writing with it.Sometimes about life, other times about the work.

Inktober2018 list — list of inktober prompts with friendly links to the artwork.

November Drawing list — My art journal for the month of November.

Voice work

Upside frown by Annie Caldwell — a Fantastic nonsense poem which I’ve had the pleasure of doing a recording of.

Making change — Some change is hard, but sometimes the consequences are worse.

Across the stars — What is time against eternity?

Uprising by Pamela Edwards — a lovely bittersweet poem which actually made me tear up.

Kylin Vandermeer

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Writer, artist, occasional philosopher, student and reader. Seeking escape from the mundane through art, knowledge and deeper thinking.

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