Kylin Vandermeer
Nov 2, 2017 · 6 min read

“It actually makes me sad to see you back behind that table, Drew. You’ve managed to stay clean so long.”

“Detective Carson, should have known you’d be the one to let me have a two hour nap in an interrogation. While I appreciate the nap time, this is a bit long even for my lunch breaks.”

“This isn’t a time for your wise-cracks.”

“Then can you at least tell me what I’m in for?”


“What? Any particular reason you decided to pick on me? Or did I just get shuffled into your deck of usual suspects?”

“Your finger prints all over my crime scene. Your car fleeing the scene, and your gun used to shoot the victim.”

“I don’t own a gun.”

“Your finger prints were all over this one. Does it look familiar?”

“Yeah, doesn’t Clint use one in ‘Dirty Harry’?”

“Don’t be a dumb-ass, that was a magnum. This isn’t even a revolver.”

“See can’t be mine. I can’t even get the movie right.”

“I am not in the mood for games Drew. You went into the Gold and Silver pawnshop, took the gun, shot the place half way to hell, and took off with all the jewelery.”

“If that’s what happened, why the fuck would I stick around?”

“What’s your explanation for your prints all over the gun then?”

“Jess let me handle it a while back. I just wanted to..Nevermind, you wouldn’t get it.”

“See what it felt like to hold a gun again? Was that when you got the thought that robbing the place wasn’t such a bad idea? Then things went south, as they often do? Get a a twitchy in the trigger finger just like Little Leo did last time. Why don’t you take a real good look at what that gun did. Nothing quite like a photo to jog the memory right?”

“Good God, why would- Fuck. That. That’s Jess. She can’t be. I just talked to her two nights ago. She-she was helping me figure out where to propose to Laura. Fuck. She can’t be dead.”

“So that’s why you decided to keep this ring after you ransacked the place? ”

“Fuck you! I bought that. I’ve had it on lay-away for months, the receipt is in my car.”

“Which is where?”

“Last I saw it at the mechanics. So maybe you should start asking questions at my mechanics? Or check the security footage? You know, actually doing your job.”

“I did, guess who picked up your car?”

“Bonnie and Clyde.”

“Your brother, Leo.”


“Yours weren’t the only prints on the gun.”

“Leo wouldn’t. Not while he’s clean.”

“But when he’s high bullets have a tendencies of flying.”

“He’s been clean since he got out of prison, talk to his parole officer. He hasn’t missed a check in. He goes to his NA meetings. He wouldn’t have a relapse.”

“Except he missed last nights check in. Had a short call to you instead.”

“He just needed someone to talk to.”

“Five minutes at 3 am is a short talk.”

“Like you said, it was 3 am.”

“When was the last time you filled out this prescription?”

“Great. You’re going through my bathroom already. That was a quick warrant.”

“Answer the question.”

“Three days ago.”

“And yet the bottle is completely empty, it’s supposed to be a months worth.”

“I keep some at Laura’s.”

“Ah yes the girlfriend? Can’t imagine her parents will be overly impressed by a murder charge. Does she know you used to be a safe cracker?”

“Do not bring them into this. I have worked too hard for too long to have a lazy cop screwing up my life.”

“So just tell me where Leo is and I’ll go on my merry way.”

“Why? So you can bully a false confession out of him?”

“He picked up your car, his prints are on the gun, and he stole your meds, and you still don’t think he’s involved?”

“He won’t take anything stronger than children’s Advil. Killing that poor girl haunts him. He’s not a junkie. Not anymore.”

“How sure of that are you?”


“So what’s your theory then, genius?”

“It’s a set up. There’s a lot of people who know who he was and what he did. Plenty of cops that think he should still be behind bars.”

“If Leo didn’t do it then why didn’t he check in with his Parole officer? Or show up for work this morning?”

“I don’t know. But it’s been five years. It’s hard to believe he’d have a relapse now.”

“Tell me where he is, and we find him. A quick drug test and we’ll both know if he did this.”


“You know it’s sad, Leo, it’s not enough that you kill and steal, you set your brother up to.”

“I didn’t d-d-in’t do nothing.”

“Stop shaking your head and look at me. Do you have an albi?”

“I was at home, d-din’t go to work, got sick.”

“So you didn’t steal your brothers car, rob a pawn shop, and leave him the engagement ring he’s been saving up for as what? An apology?”

“I d-din’t do anything. But there was a nice watch at the store, pocket watch like you had before.”

“This isn’t about me, this is about you, and how you’ve managed to poison every relationship you’ve had. Your brother helps you get a job, then helps you get a place, lends you his car, answers the phone at all hours of the night, and then you do this. Things went even worse this time didn’t they?”

“I d-d-din’t. Not Jess. No. She was nice. D-din’t make fun of my stutter. She let me walk her home some nights, she didn’t like walkin home alone when it was real late..”

“And Just how certain of that are you? What do you remember of Wednesday?”

“Wakin up feeling bad, then wakin up to you b-banging on the door.”

“So how do you know you didn’t do it? I’ve seen your type, you’ll do anything for a fix.”

“I’m clean. Back then, before, yes. How d-do you think I’ve managed to stay clean?”

“So that shaking, the sweating, and the blood shot eyes, all normal for you?”


“Why don’t you tell me exactly what you remember from Wednesday?”

“Putting on a kettle for tea, and hopping it’d settle my stomach. I d-din’t want to miss work.”

“That it?”

“I d-din’t murder her. I wouldn’t. She was nice.”

“So you don’t remember picking up your brother’s car and driving it down to your favorite pawn shop and getting an itchy finger. Maybe you’ll recognize your own work?”

“Get them outta my face, wakin up bloody bad enough. I swear I’m gonna vomit if you don’t put that back in it’s folder. There ain’t no way I woulda shot her.”

“You have before.”

“I d-did my time.”

“You should both still be behind bars. And if you didn’t do it, then dear old Drew’s just letting you take the fall.”


“Stop shaking your head and look at me. Which of you did this? If I don’t get a confession, I’ll have to go after Drew. That’ll make for an awkward dinner with the girlfriend won’t it? I’m sure her parents will be just thrilled.”

“No, he couldn’t have. Not Drew, he never hurt anyone less they were hurtin someone else.”

“So you had to do it.”

“I don’t remember though.”

“You’re sure? The mechanics thought you were quite lucid when you left just after lunch, and you don’t seem that out of it here, walking into the pawn shop.”

“It was me alright. D-don’t bring D-drew into this. I just needed some cash, I didn’t mean ta hurt anyone. I left him the ring cause he’s always taken care of me.”

“Something still seems off Carson. With the drugs he has his system, he shouldn’t have been able to move around like he did according to your time line. ”

“He’s an addict, who knows what his system can take. It doesn’t matter anyway, we’ve got his fingerprints all the crime scene, gunpowder residue on his hands, and he knew the victim.”

“The car not being at the mechanics would help, and the gun having prints on it would help. With the camera’s tape being stolen we can’t actually place him at the scene of the crime during the murder.”

“We’ve got eyewitness accounts placing him there. And he had this in his apartment.”

“That’s your grandfathers pocket watch.”

“Yeah, I pawned it a few weeks back, the wife doesn’t always get the concept of finite funds. That’s why I was there in the first place. Wish I’d been there half an hour earlier, could have caught the addict red handed.”

“I just want to find that camera tape. An open shut case would be good with internal affairs on our back like it is right now.”

Kylin Vandermeer

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Writer, artist, occasional philosopher, student and reader. Seeking escape from the mundane through art, knowledge and deeper thinking.

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