Writing is Hard, Redux

Welp, my lofty goal of writing 30 blog posts in 30 days was not successful. I wrote 8, all in the first 15 days as it turns out. This one will make 9.

But actually it was successful. 9 blog posts in 30 days is 9 more than I wrote in the previous 365. And mind you, I have thought many times over the last year that “oh I should write a blog post on that” and …. then not written a thing. So to eke out a handful in a month is huge.

My first blog post of the month was Writing is Hard, and I pretty much lived that one out all month, both in the sense of the title and, more importantly, in the repeated realization that writing is hard because thinking is hard. So all those times I thought I should write a blog post but didn’t? That was because I couldn’t quite muster up the energy to think the topic du jour all the way through to its manifestation in the digital word.

So this month I did force myself to think a few small things through, and that motivational spur is my real take-home prize of the month. I was motivated to think! Who knew?

But an additional takeaway is super important here. When I started the month, I was focused on writing as a solitary activity, you know, staring at a blank sheet of paper in the typewriter for hours, that sort of thing. And it is that, sure. But I also realized that writing is, in its own weird way, a social activity too.

So on that note many thanks to Rob Nelson, whose Halloween blog post inspired me to get started (and who gave me a couple mid-month nudges to keep going). Likewise, thanks to the fine folks in the puppet.community for their kind words, and thanks to my supportive colleagues at Puppet Labs for their encouragement — I really appreciate it!

Writing is other people. Thanks y’all!

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