28 Ways Medium could be better.

Things that Medium has accomplished since publishing this article are bolded.

  1. When publishing an article, I want as many people to read it right away. There should be a chronological feed that shows all the latest published articles.
  2. Collections should be more emphasized at the top of the front page.
  3. I should be able to “follow” my favorite collections so I can see an article once it is published.
  4. iPad publishing!
  5. I’d like to log in with e-mail sometimes instead of just twitter.
  6. It would be great if the images on the left were images from the Medium community to highlight cool people’s photos.
  7. Adding my article to a collection is hard, please make it easier.
  8. I want to embed video in posts! Even make the cover photo a video!
  9. Just like Google Docs, I’d like to collaborate with others in real-time. I.e. – I type something and they type something at the same time.
  10. Making a note on a mobile device is really hard.
  11. Notes should be easier to see! I have to look really hard to find and see if someone made a comment.
  12. There should be a native chat on Medium so I can talk to people outside of the comment section.
  13. Send me a text message when someone recommends or comments on my article.
  14. Get notified when someone posts about a certain topic.
  15. Be able to embed my blog on my website like Tumblr does.
  16. Like iBooks does, have a “night” and “day” feature that inverses the page from black/white so I can read articles in the night.
  17. Commenters should be able to control whether a post is public or private.
  18. Get a “badge” of sorts on my profile if I get an editor’s pick, get to the front page, or get more than 100 recs, ect.
  19. The invite-only concept of Medium, right now, makes people really excited to be able to post! It’s a great feeling of priveledge. It should stay that way.
  20. The text that says “Editors picks” and “most recommended today” should be bolded. Sometimes it’s hard to read.
  21. I’d like to see a history of articles I’ve read.
  22. Within collections, there should be a chat or wall so people with the same interests can have a discussion.
  23. Offline reading – be able to save an article as a .pdf or email me a .pdf so I can read it later.
  24. Paid pages – $0.99 a month to be able to read high quality articles, like for the New York Times or journalists.
  25. Location should be added to my bio. I’d like to see where people are located physically.
  26. A medium email account would be cool. Person@medium.com Going along with the native chat client I proposed earlier.
  27. The “Activity” page is cluttered. I wish it was better organized.
  28. A printable archive – turn my Medium posts into a physical book so I can give it to future employers to show them how awesome I am.

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  1. Everyone wants a search bar.
  2. Translation for posts. If you see a post in another language, have a built in way to translate and read it.
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