A System For Feedback

If you build apps, getting feedback on those apps can be difficult. You need to recruit a beta group, run user testing, and possibly even pay your beta users for feedback. For most companies in tech, the process of beta testing is a constant affair. When you do beta testing often you have a certain group of people that you want to target. You need a way to get qualitative and quantitative feedback on this version of your product. This works easily through a system like Apple’s Testflight program. But outside of mobile software it’s pretty hard to get consistent feedback from a beta group. You typically have to you start group message and then distribute images or video of your product to those people. You have to remind those people to give feedback, and it’s hard to quantify information that’s passed through a group chat.

I think it would be interesting if there was a way to recruit people into a system where you could easily distribute images and video and then get feedback. Your beta testers would give feedback on a certain version of your product in then you could more easily send updates on the progress of your product through the system. This would allow engineers/creators to better get feedback from their testers and would allow them to create better products at a faster rate. It would probably take form in a website or a mobile app. Beta users would be able to sign up to the app and then get recruited to teams. It would work in the same way that Apple’s Testflight program works, except that you’d be sharing images/video instead of software.

I don’t think this applies just to mobile software. I think this could apply to other industries like fashion, music, art, where constant feedback from a group of people is necessary for the creative process.

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