We’re Building a Way for People to Get Feedback

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Kyle Ryan
3 min readOct 21, 2016


At the beginning of the summer, I wanted to get feedback on some designs I was working on for a project. Like anyone, I thought about the usual means to elicit feedback from others. I could post it on Facebook, Twitter, or Dribbble and get text-based responses. However, there was no way to get quick feedback from my community. How could I evaluate both quantitative and qualitative input to a series of images? I came up with a solution, and I immediately started drafting sketches for what that product could look like.

Build a system that makes it easy for people to get feedback in order to make better decisions.

What does that system look like? First, it starts with the mobile phone. For both the person looking for feedback and the people who are capable of giving feedback, the mobile phone is the quickest way to get these responses. In an instant, I can post up to 5 photos on Betadrop, and it will go out to the community for review. By pressing and holding on a photo, people can give both quantitative and qualitative feedback in the form of emotional ratings and comments.

Along the way, my friend Avijeet joined the cause to help through development. In the end, we came up with a robust, novel system for quickly getting feedback from your friends.

Advancements in Feedback

We wanted to make several strides in the feedback that people can get using a tool on their mobile device.

Press-and-Hold Commenting

We came up with a novel way to add comments to image assets. Anywhere on the photo, you can press and hold, select your location, and release to compose a new comment.

A Novel Feedback Interface

Thanks to the input of several friends including Joseph, Avijeet and I were able to design an interface that makes it easy to give emotional ratings on images with a comment, without covering the screen when the keyboard comes up.

An Emotional Graph

One of the best features of the product is an emotional graph on the Dashboard. After posting multiple images, Betadrop makes it easy to swipe between the ratings that people leave on your images. You can tell how people feel and make decisions with the feedback.

Betadrop is a tool to make better decisions.

What’s next?

We’re working on a routing algorithm which takes user’s interests, user’s location, and user’s expertise so you can ask for feedback from the right people.

The Team

If you liked anything you saw, please download Betadrop on the App Store. Reach out to me any time on Twitter at KYLRY and Avijeet. Give a ❤ if you like our work. Thanks!