English 2.0 — Language that works more like software

Last week, Kanye West tweeted that he had made several edits to his already released album. Fortune Magazine ran a headline titled:

Kanye West Is Patching His Music Like Software

Textspeak Is Modernizing the Egnlish Language (*English)

In the future, we will need to express more complex ideas in a shorter amount of time. The current structure of verbal language is very slow because it is based on the vibration of your vocal chords. There is room in the future to communicate information faster that does not have to rely on verbal communication. For example, typing can be must faster than speaking, but we still talk verbally in our minds before typing words. A direct brain-computer interface would be the ultimate tool, if human minds could represent information in a way that is different than today’s structure. We already use shortened communication methods like textspeak colloquially, but a more advanced system would be necessary if we want to have a future where communication of complex information is faster.

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