My photo taken from a styrofoam box at 65,000 feet

Germany, High School and a Styrofoam Box — what I learned by going to the edge of space

How a high school kid sent a camera to the edge of space and back. Sixty-six years after the first photos of space were taken by a German rocket.  

The Story of a Stolen V-2 Rocket

The Story of the Space Balloon

My friend Ethan and I launching Project Startohab
Photo from UCSD’s balloon launch

I thought to myself, if these guys can be successful, why not me?

How did I do it? Research. Testing. FAA approval. Launch.

Holding the weather balloon on launch day

They did.

10,000 feet. Long island in the distance.
65,000 feet

What I learned

We live in an age where a high school student can have as much technological “know how” than the most powerful 20th century nation.

  1. Overnight successes never happen. They are a series of sequential events.
  2. Whether you think you can achieve something, or you think you cannot achieve something… you are the one who decides it.
  3. Life is your ride, not society’s. If you want to get to new heights (literally), you need to be the one to do it.
  4. Be obsessed. Find every hole in the boat. Implement every redundancy.
  5. Research. Test. Repeat.
  6. Learn as much as possible from other people. During the project, I talked to around 20 people who launched similar balloons. Their help was invaluable.

If you are over 30 years old, read this:



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