The Almost First Week!

I can’t believe I have been here for just about 6 days now. I AM SO BLESSED TO LIVE IN THIS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL PLACE! The lake is full, with the water levels being higher than they have been in years. Many trees are still standing, although the 150,000 acre rough fire from last year took over most of them. Snow is still on top of the mountains, which I don’t think I have ever seen in all my years of being at Hume Lake. This place is so breathtaking that pictures can’t do it any justice. Because I have been here for almost a full week, please allow me to let you in on what I have been up to…

During these past few days, I, along with 12 other security staff members, have experienced some intense bonding time. And when I say intense, I mean the type of bonding that is unlike any bonding I have ever done! Our group has woken up at 7:30 every morning just to spend the day to eat breakfast together, be in small group time together, eat lunch together, participate in afternoon activities together, eat dinner together, and occupy just about every evening minute together until we all go to bed. You would think all this people time would drive us crazy, but actually, we still can’t get enough of each other, something that I find pretty incredible.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning all started out about the same. Straight from breakfast, we would go meet Charlie Strong, our boss, and Dr. Lem, a professor from San Diego Christian College who has studied a lot in “identity formation.” Each morning, we would open with a quick solo session diving into the Word, followed by some reflection, and then joining back together for a few team building activities. After the frustration of trying to figure out the purpose of Dr. Lem’s group tasks, we would continue into conversation about the scripture, as well as ourselves. I won’t get into what was discussed, because now that I am on the security team, a lot of our work is confidential. :)

After the team would all eat lunch together, we spent Wednesday’s afternoon paddle boarding on the lake, Thursday’s afternoon hiking in the mountains, and Friday’s afternoon playing Ultimate Frisbee on the lawn. TALK ABOUT AMAZING RIGHT?! I can’t explain how incredibly blessed I am to just spend this first week in God’s amazing creation. I mean, COME ON.

Saturday, the team and I got a break and we all drove down to Fresno for some shopping, food, and cellphone reception. I would write more about my experience down the hill, but all I can really say is… IT WAS SO HOT. Just another reason to love Hume so much — the weather is unbeatable. Sunny and 70's y’all!

I wish I could write down every memory, every moment, and every picture in my head to share with you guys, but it is just too much. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. My experience here at Hume Lake is completely open to you.

I got the hook ups for wifi (security knows the right people I guess!) so I will try to write more frequently to avoid super long posts like this one. I miss my friends and family so so much, and I think and pray for you every day. Know that although I am having the time of my life here, I do miss my home(s) and the people there. I can’t wait to share new stories, and tell you more about what I am doing up on this incredible mountain! Orientation starts TOMORROW with all staff finally up here — it’s about to get crazy!

Goodnight family, I love you.


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