Conversion Rate Optimization — Best practices to learn

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? It is a technique of improving sales and leads you get from your website without increasing the amount of visitors. By increasing your website conversion rate, you can get maximum people to take actions without spending any money on attracting more visitors to your landing page or website. CRO is the practice to learn what works for your website visitors and is the way to grow revenue in all business aspects.

Technically, Conversion Rate Optimization is the practice of modifying your website elements to make it more effective. These elements can include landing pages, web pages, words, images on your website. By improving total conversions you must enhance the overall revenue, reduce your cost per acquisition and enhance the overall Return On Investment of your Internet marketing efforts. Let’s discuss some of the best CRO practices to learn for beginners.

Reduce Form Fields: It is imperative to eliminate unnecessary form fields. Don’t add extra fields to be filled by your customers. Ask yourself- Need Company name, Zip code, CV code of credit card? Many companies focus on reducing form fields.

Consider A Contrasting Color for Your Call-To-Action Button: Choose a color which looks better on the background of your website. Having a better contrasting color for your web page will improve the conversion rate.

Remove Automatic Image Sliders: You may think that automatic image sliders are cool. But conversion experts suggest that you need to remove these sliders to improve conversions.

Don’t Use Cheesy Stock Photos: Keep in mind that cheesy stock photos look phony and decrease the credibility of your web page. It is advisable to understand that website is not aimed to look pretty but to achieve goals. You need to use real people on your website rather than stock photos.

Test Your Call-to-action Button Text: Rather than saying something like sign-up or sign-in, it is great to use your button text to tell your website visitors what they should expect after clicking that button.

Add A Video: It is advisable to make an informative video to improve website conversion rate. Don’t create lengthy videos as audience will consider them boring. Short videos are perfect.

Clear And Consistent Heading: Heading is one of the most noticeable elements on a landing page. A clear and consistent headline can boost your website conversion rate to a higher extent.

Create Urgency: Websites should offer a limited-time incentive so that audience can take actions faster. You may have seen texts like “Last 2 items left” on e-commerce stores many times. So, give it a try!

Highlight Your Contact Information: It is great to add your phone number in the homepage header of your website. It adds credibility and attracts a huge number of website visitors.

Use the Word “Free”: It is advisable to put some emphases on “Free” in your call-to-action. Trust me, it will definitely increase the website conversion rate by 28%. If you haven’t tried it, then it’s the time to give it a shot.

Add Real Testimonials: It’s no secret that many websites display fake testimonials. A real testimonial can work wonders by improving the conversion rate of your website. Your website testimonial must have full names and images of your clients.

Use Relevant Business Images: Having relevant images will attract the visitors towards your website. Don’t forget to add relevant images to increase the website conversion rate.

Use Live Chat Support: Keep in mind that websites that use live chat support have 15% higher order value than other websites.

There is a lot more to learn about Conversion Rate Optimization. But, the above practices will help you to take a step in improving your website conversion rate.

Originally published at on September 20, 2016.