Great design is more important to your business than you realise

Great design is more important to your business than you realise

When you think of design, you often think of the aesthetics of something. A company logo, the shape of a house, the interior of a room. A designer is a professional who can execute these aesthetics in a way that pleases the end user.

True designers however, understand that great design solves a problem and serves a purpose. You can definitely study to become a great designer, but I truly believe that most are born with an affinity for it. Though it might sound cheesy to most, for me, design is a way of life.

Let’s consider the meaning of the word ‘art’:

something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings
– Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Art is for the main part, a personal experience. Though we may share art for the world to enjoy, it is a personal expression of our point of view. Art need not be a Michaelangelo masterpiece to be effective. A pile of rocks displayed in a particular way can invoke emotions in some people. It’s purely subjective.

Design is art with a purpose.

What if we can create something beautiful that serves a purpose? A purpose outside of ourselves? What if we can create something beautiful that enhances the human experience? This is the power of great design.

This is an incredibly powerful thing for businesses to understand. Shifting our mindset from “What we do” to a mindset of “Why we are doing it” and “Who are we doing it for?”.

It’s something that should be considered at the very beginning. As you’re writing your business plan and company vision, you are designing the type of company you want to become.

Why do people struggle to come up with great content for social media? Because they haven’t been designed to communicate that way. There’s no consideration for the audience and how you can add value to them. This is a time to grow. An opportunity to redesign yourself and your business in order to stay relevant. We all need to do this regularly.

As a design consultant, my job is to help you uncover the opportunities available to your business. We start by asking these questions:

  1. What audience are you trying to communicate with?
  2. What ideas and feelings are you trying to communicate with your audience?
  3. Do these ideas and feelings add value to your audience?
  4. Using your current available skill sets, what are some innovative strategies you can implement to help communicate those ideas and feelings?

These simple questions help to reposition your mindset, providing you with a blueprint and solid foundation you can build on. Think of it as talking with an architect before starting construction on the building.

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