We are not 100% talented in fields we desire. It may be delusional because of admiration.
Well, I think you’re not right.
Pavel Gorin

I agree that we all may not be 100% talented in what we desire. I wasn’t the best actor when I started out, some directors told me I needed help with my diction, some told me I was too meek to take on any challenging roles. That was 4 years ago. I knew they were right, but I wanted to be actor so bad that I worked extra hard on myself. I brushed myself up and I’ve gone on to take really challenging roles that I never thought I could pull off 4 years ago.

I learned a lot from other actors while I worked as a Producer. One in particular asked me why I always ask him so many questions. I told him that was because I wanted to learn from his acting style and be as good. And now that I’ve quit my job to dedicate my time to acting, I still have to work hard to keep improving.

Moral of the story? You don’t have to be 100% talented in the field you desire. If you desire it strongly enough, you can teach yourself to be better at it.

Isn’t that why we go to school? To learn? If you desire to be a Doctor, don’t you have to go to Medical school? Even the biggest music artistes still rehearse to get better!

I won’t call it “delusional because of admiration”. Rather I’ll call it “seeing yourself in a position and working hard till you get there”.

And by the way, it wasn’t easy for Pam. She had challenges on the way. She had to learn from her mistakes. Is she 100% right now? No! Is she working towards that perfection? Definitely!

And you said something about some people who work for the money. That is pretty cool. There are many people who are comfortable working at their jobs because of how much they earn, and they are very happy there. My article isn’t for everyone; its only for those who are really unhappy at their jobs and would rather do something else but feel they are ‘stuck’. Please understand this.

So if you’re happy at your job, don’t quit! Do it and make that money! Do it because it makes you happy! Do whatever floats your boat!

Thanks for commenting Pavel, and its okay if you think I’m not right. You’re as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine.


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