Carry on YOUR Legacy

This week we proudly launch the formal integration of our family business story, connecting Indian Head Athletics and our footwear startup, YORK Athletics Mfg., with the drop of a green sole colorway signature ‘HENRY’ shoe (our Poppa was Henry Spaulding and Katie and my first born son is also named, Henry). The green is iconic IHA.

I’ve written before about the founding story behind YORK Athletics Mfg., but it’s with tremendous pride for our family legacy, heritage and future, that we share this week’s content blitz across the YORK website, and social profiles at Facebook, Instragram and Twitter.

YORK Athletics Mfg. Celebration — Invitation-Only Party in Manchester, NH

Our father, Don York, is the patriarch and exudes the fighting spirit we stand for and has been front and center in our lives and now in our brand. We hope you find a bit of inspiration this week. #footwearforfighters #outofstep


NH Union Leader Article — Family-owned company releases new footwear line

Don York Fighting Spirit Video — “Can’t is not a word.”

Don York Work Video — “Everybody can talk the talk, it’s walking the walk that differentiates you.”

“We all played team sports growing up, and although we’re highly competitive with each other, we’re more competitive as us versus everybody else,” Travis York said. “It’s just always been that way.”

It’s with that backdrop that I encourage all of you take take YOUR legacy seriously and dream big. If you’re looking for purpose and meaning, look no further than your family, past and future, to drive you forward. Enjoy the ride because it won’t come easy, but it’ll be easier if you do it in a pair of YORK Athletics sneakers.