Hack Scratch3.0 (1) Let’s build Scratch VM

There is a community of Coder . called Scratch. We can create game and you can share this.

Greate Community

Now, next version of scratch is developping, as Scratch3.0.

Let’s build Scratch 3.0

What is Scratch

Scratch is the programming language. And it is also a place to publish your work.
Scratch is a language designed for 8 to 16 years old.

We can combine these blocks to write programs.

You can play shared project in Scratch SNS.

About Scratch, there is what we summarized before, but please see also here FireStyle with Scratch 2.0 programming introduction for Japanese

Why Build

The Current code has already been published.

Let’s build it on my PC this time.

Why do you need to build?

I thought that it would make Scratch 3.0 more familiar.

When you can build Scratch 3.0 yourself!!

You can hack Scratch to your liking

  • Modify the GUI, decorate for yourself
  • Change the layout to make it work with a smartphone
  • Change the available Sprite to liking

I can do anything.

We will like Scratch more

You can freely modify it. If you feel doubt about how Scratch works in what way, you will be able to solve that question right away.

I will be able to know more about Scratch.

Let’s Build!!

First of all, install nodejs at https://nodejs.org/.

1. Go to https://nodejs.org/ and do it

Next let’s install git
2. It is easy to understand https://backlog.com/git-tutorial/en/

And let’s download the Scratch code
3. Please operate on the command line as follows!

git clone https://github.com/LLK/scratch-vm.git
cd scratch-vm
npm install

4. Let’s run

npm start

Then it will be displayed as follows.

> scratch-vm@0.1.0 start / Users / kyorohiro / devDojo / w / scratch-vm
> webpack-dev-server
Project is running at http://.
webpack output is served from /

Yes! I can do it !!

Please visit http://.0.0.0:8073/playground/

Yes, Scratch 3.0 is running on your PC !!


kyorohiro (kiyohiro kawamura)

Written by

P2P/Dartlang/Scratch/Emscripten/ https://github.com/kyorohiro/ https://legacy.gitbook.com/@kyorohiro/ http://kyorohiro.github.io/

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