Travis Kalanick, Radical Transparency, and the Rise of Glass Box Brands.
David Mattin

Maybe. It seems like this is really more like “back to the past” for enterprises — that time in the past when the notion of “living/working anonymously” was still in the future. Philadelphia of 1780, for instance, was a place where everyone knew your business, knew your family, your life. There really wasn’t much anonymous-ness like there was in 1960’s New York. I think the idea that people live in a community, a social network, is really not a new notion, but rather a very old one, that seems new because we forgot about it in America of the 1950’s to 2000’s.

Yes, a huge scale shift has happened, businesses like Uber affect a much larger size of village, but the procedure of the Uber circumstances are much the same as if someone in 1780’s Philadelphia leaned out a window, yelling into the busy street (very asymmetric news propagation) some allegations, causing prominent citizens to realize a political will amongst themselves and deal with the issues within their community. Such a place was very transparent, with swift action, to regain some semblance of justice and society’s peace.

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