Shop Til You Drop at Rue 21!

In Oxford, Mississippi, the clothing store known as Rue 21 located on Jackson Avenue is a venue full of fashion, youth and style for young adults and teens to enjoy some down time for shopping and relaxation.
Catesha Gross, a student at the University of Mississippi, takes a moment to try on some jewelry to coordinate with her outfit inside of Rue 21.
On Tuesday, at Rue 21 the store provides a set collection of different options and choices from perfumes to clothes and other merchandise.
After picking up a few tops and jeans, Catesha Gross is curios about ring jewelry and takes a look at some of the various types of rings inside of Rue 21.
After making her final selection, Catesha Gross makes a purchase and delivers her payment for the items she has decided to buy from Rue 21.
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