My thoughts on the phrase first penned by Marcus Aurelius, and later popularized in America during the 1960s

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Phrases like “go with the flow” or “let it wash over you” always made me uneasy. I love organization, schedules, and having a clear plan for everything I do. If I’m being honest, I have a hard time accepting that many things in life are out of my control, which means I often strive to create order in a chaotic world.

All I had ever known was to fight the highs and lows of life — I much preferred to suppress emotions than to acknowledge consistent inconsistency. I had formed a habit of fighting the waves (external events of life) to the point of exhaustion, and that’s when I found myself in a place where I was burnt out from things I loved and my mind was constantly overwhelmed. …


Kyra Perry

Lover of the outdoors and urban life

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