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I have a React front-end and wanted to add maps with Mapbox. The first result after googling for react mapbox is a tutorial from the official Mapbox website: Use Mapbox GL JS in a React app. The problem is that the tutorial is component-based, while I wanted to add Mapbox using functional components and hooks. Below one can find how I transformed the tutorial to make it work how I wanted it. Also this blog post is better read side by side with the official original tutorial.

First let’s create a react app (the final code can be found here):

That is conda and python 3.7, tensorflow, keras, numpy, pandas, jupyter, sklearn etc.

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Something went wrong with my previous installation of Anaconda on an upgrade and I decided to reinstall it. Debugging it, would have probably taken more time (if possible at all), while a fresh start is always welcome as long as your code and data are secure. And the Anaconda installation is totally and easily replaceable. So straight to the steps:

Step 1: I removed my old installation

  • The Anaconda folder was in ~/anaconda so I did a rm -rf anaconda3 while in my home folder.
  • I also removed an entry in my ~/.zshrc

Step 2: I installed Anaconda again

  • Downloaded…

Sudden stop: a term coined in 1995 that is suitable today

written with Adamantios Koumpis

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One watches the global developments of the coronavirus pandemic and grows concerns for what will happen next. Sometimes the past teaches us more about the future — so there may be some good reasons to ‘read the classics’ than expect to predict the future by reading the crystal ball of big data and artificial intelligence.

Rüdiger (Rudi) Dornbusch (died in 2002), Ilan Goldfajn and Rodrigo Valdés published in 1995 a paper that for some of us holds a special place in the altar of theoretical works in the discipline of economics that emerge from practice and…

Building a pipeline that dynamically generates and serves websites through 11ty and NGINX

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Let’s get straight to the point. The requirement is as follows: Let’s say I am the owner of and I would like for users to generate through a form their own website, based on a pre-specified theme and by uploading their own data and images. Then I would like their websites to be served through <slug-selected-by-the-user>

To keep things simple and minimal, the user in this example will upload just the title of the website (the data) and one image.


  • I will use NestJS (a progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, reliable and scalable server-side applications) to create the…

A business management perspective

Written by @adamantios.koumpis and @kyrcha — January 2020

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In an article here in Towards Data Science, Haebichan Jung discusses on how we usually tend to overestimate the role of hard skills as exemplified by Data Science projects during the job interview process and elaborates on “softer” skills that actually matter. However, and as we all know, getting a job is one (very important) thing and thriving at it is quite different, sometimes a lot tougher.

In science, many times, a good research question matters more than its answers. Answers may (and are usually) wrong — while a question, even one…

In the Devit 2016 conference in Thessaloniki, in one of the keynotes, Yegor Bugayenko explained why you need to make your software more fragile, in order to make it more robust. It was a really good talk, a talk that I still remember. In the end of this post I have embedded the recording from the conference.

In this talk Yegor Bugayenko explained why you need to fail fast software in development in order to make it more robust in production. According to that strategy, every time there is a potential source of a bug or in general something that…

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Software, Systems, and Machine Learning Engineer — MERN and MEAN JS stacks, Python & R for ML

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