Having A Hysterectomy Changed Me
Ally Niemiec

I’m agender and have painful periods, but nothing as awful as your experience. I was on birth control for a while, starting a few years ago when I all of a sudden became super irregular (I was bleeding for two weeks instead of one, but then my body would carry on with the next period 21 days after the start of my last one, and would last another two weeks. Rinse. Repeat.), and while it did get me back on a normal (for me) 21 day cycle, it changed me from being super-flow to super-clot, with one day of agony, toward the end after all the tissue has been excised off the walls, where the cervix finally decides to open and let all of that gunk out in WONDERFUL clotted gore oozing out in cascades.

I tried birth control again fairly recently, looking to skip periods altogether, but both kinds I tried made me bleed nonstop for the entire first month. Periods are the one thing about my body that consistently give me gender dysphoria. I was in a constant state of anxiety and depression, had awful pad-rash, etc, etc. I talked to a OB-GYN about options for ridding myself of my period for good, and was basically told horror stories about all of them. Ablation? Only works for a few years and then you have bleeding after that anyway so it’s not worth it. They pushed the idea of an IUD, even though I told them multiple times that the concept of a piece of metal permanently inside my body — a part of my body I don’t even want — freaks me the hell out. I asked about hysterectomies and was told 24 is too young to even begin thinking about it. When I explained I’m agender and gay, they still tried to argue that I might “change my mind” and want to carry a child even though I am phobic about that experience, am on too many medications that I would never be able to stop taking for 9 months, and don’t even really want kids anyway.

Other health things have taken the front seat lately, but every time I get my period I get upset all over again that my doctors basically told me I have no options. I’m on my period right now and feeling gloomy. This article gave me a little bit of hope, but I still feel like nobody would take me seriously about getting the stupid organ removed, and I’m still afraid that with all my other health issues, surgery like this would make those worse, or something.

Sorry for the comment-essay. I just feel like there’s so little information out there about medical knowledge of menstruation, which is BULLSHIT considering how far we are in all other medical technology. We should have figured out how to turn off periods without awful side effects by now.

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