Why Church Leaders Need to Take a Stance
Alexis Hughes

You know, this was recommended to me in my Medium digest and I read the whole thing without realizing it was you until I got to the end where your picture was. (I was apparently not through enough of my morning caffeine to see it at the top)

I’m struggling with this right now, as someone who has moved on to a different religion from the one I grew up with (Lutheranism). My mother is still very religious, and, prior to this election, I thought one of the “good” ones — the Christians that truly live by Jesus’ example and don’t use the Bible has a prop for their hurtful opinions. And yet, she voted for Trump.

I’ve had a lot of Facebook message arguments with her about this, and I can’t quite get through to her and get her to even acknowledge that there are unprecedented, horrible things about Trump that should never have even touched governance, let alone the highest office in our country, but so far she’s deflected and talked about Hillary’s shortcomings, as if they’re even comparable.

She’s defended Mike Pence’s history of legalizing violence against LGBTQ, to me, her queer child, as if she knows more about his heart than I do. I continuously point out that what’s in someone’s heart doesn’t matter if their actions don’t follow suit, that actions are the only thing one can be judged on, and the entire Trump administration has shown time and again that they are based in hate, fearmongering, and divisive attitudes about America and its people.

I really want to share this with her, but she’s told me I’m “bombarding” her and she doesn’t appreciate it. I have no idea where to go from here. It feels like I’m at an impasse, where ultimatums are my only option: forget that my mother supports a fascist demagogue and silence myself and my moral drive to fight injustices around her to keep our relationship, or remove her from my life.

She’s the only parent I have left, so I’m still clinging to the hope that there’s a third option, that she’ll come around and see that this isn’t about partisanship or difference of opinion, but about human decency and morality.

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