Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

I Write A Lot Every Day

Here are some ways I manage to do it

Search “Writing tips” and you will see so much advice that you’ll be confused for days. Although I’m sure a great memoir piece about trying every tidbit of knowledge is waiting to be written.

This is strictly how I get things done. If works for you, which I hope some will, awesome! If not, there are more tips in the sea.

Plan ahead

I will write in spur of the moment if I find myself with a random hour. But this isn’t how I manage too produce most of my work. Planning time for writing makes me feel more centered. It’s difficult to create something meaningful when I’m frazzled. Knowing when I get to write means I can prepare my mind (also a coffee) and settle down to write.

Write shitty, edit later

Editing takes time. Lots of time. Writing however shouldn’t be hindered by ideals of perfection. You want to get words out, some kind of scaffolding that you tack more onto later. Remember, the first thing you spit out won’t be a finished product. Once you accept that fact you can actually work faster.

Keep organized

Make your life easier and separate your writing into a variety of folders. I have 5. A big one called Writing contains Creative non-fiction, freelance, and Medium. Within that file are files divided by months. You get the idea.

This way I can both keep count and retrieve old writing when I need it.

Basically my folder system is my Mary Poppins bag, everything I need is in one place and easily accessible.Organizing keeps me from getting frustrated while searching for that thing I meant to work on more and finding it only to be in a bad mood.

Turn off technology that distracts you

If you write on your computer turn off your internet. Make your phone disappear. Most of us respond to every message we get RIGHT NOW. Most things can wait an hour. If something were super important the person can do that thing…what’s it called…oh yeah! They can call you.