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My Best Writing In One Place For Easy Binging

Read the hits while learning a little bit about me in the process

Kyrie Gray
Mar 4 · 6 min read


My name is Kyrie and I am a writer here on Medium. To make my, recent followers, and future reader’s lives easier, I have compiled this list, picking the best from the 500+of Medium posts I’ve written in the past. Now readers have easy access to the pieces that I and others appear to have loved the most.

In case you didn’t know, I have a publication where I publish humor daily. Most of it is nerdy humor with a nod toward literature, history, or tech. I send out a weekly newsletter and it’s a great place to keep up to date.

I’ve also started to gather more of my illustrated humorous nonfiction essays into one publication:

The focus of my writing has been humor since I started writing in late 2016, and more seriously in 2018. As a result I’ve amassed quite a few posts. Directly below you will find readers favorites.

Humor with the most likes

Eventually I stopped being quite so afraid to publish non-fiction. Here are the best performing amongst those.

Non-humor posts that readers liked the most


I’ve categorized more pieces below (don’t worry it’s much less than 500) for you to peruse as I am myself am a binger and like everything in one place for easy consumption.

Dating Dead Intellectuals is an ongoing series in which I imagine what it might be like to date men/women who are smart but also oh so dumb.

Non-fiction Separated Into Categories

I hope you found something (or several somethings) to enjoy. I’ll update this list with different categories as time goes by, but I hope you’ll take a moment to follow me and Jane Austen’s Wastebasket so you don’t miss any future posts.

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