Converting Socionics to MBTI types

To explain the difference between Socionics and MBTI personality typing, lets look at the INTJ type as an example.

Socionics doesn’t use the same dichotomy for J/P letters as does MBTI.
In MBTI the J/P letter denotes Judger/Perceiver and corresponds to the highest order extraverted function.
In Socionics the j/p letter denotes Rational/Irrational and corresponds to dominant function.

Lets take Ni-dominant Te-auxiliary type (Ni,Te,Fi,Se) as an example or what in MBTI is the INTJ type.

In MBTI this Ni-Te type would be a J-type because it’s highest order extraverted function is a judging function, Te => Ni-Te in MBTI is INTJ

In Socionics this Ni-Te type would be a p-type because it’s dominant function is perceiving one, Ni => Ni-Te in Socionics is INTp

Because the MBTI’s Judger/Perceiver dichotomy is not the same as Rational/Irrational dichotomy, you can see that you cannot convert MBTI types into Socionics types letter-for-letter i.e. types aren’t the same.

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