Reviewers just don’t understand Samsung’s masterpiece

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The gap to worry about is not in the hinge of this phone, its the gap between pro users and consumers.

I never thought I would see the day where a smartphone release would receive the same amount of controversy as a gangsta rap album in the 90s.

Maybe it does make sense. Tech companies are at their best when they are at their most rebellious.

Samsung’s rebellion against boring phones seems to be a victorious one, despite what the media says.

I spent quite some time listening to reviewers talk about the Galaxy Fold. Some briefly mentioned business users. The problem with YouTubers and tech journalists is they don’t fit in with regular users of technology.

They aren’t the average broke student. They don’t work an office job. They don’t work on a construction site. They don’t travel between client offices. Even though they do high quality creative work, they are different from an agency. …

Maybe it’s time to quit video games once and for all.

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PlayStation 4 feels like many steps backward instead of the an improvement over the original.

I bought Call of Duty Modern Warfare for PS4 and was very disappointed.

I picked up the game from a local retailer and was excited to play. The original Modern Warfare series are well loved to this day. A new take on a old game sounded like fun.

After installing the game from disk, a 70GB update installed. It would not download the update while the game was installing, which compounded the time required before I could play.

After the install completed, I was met with more disappointment.

I tried to play online and was told I don’t have the required DLC (downloadable content), to play online. …

Exploring the complexities around the “world’s most powerful passport”

The UAE passport has been ranked as the most powerful passport in the world.

The ranking done by The Passport Index has not been without controversy. Comparatively, Henley Passport Index ranks UAE as having the 18th strongest passport based on their criteria.

While exceptionally strong, it is almost objectively not the best passport.

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First world problems

The UAE is a highly developed nation, with a strong HDI rating of and quality of living ranking.

Despite a high level of development, strong policing and established international relations, the UAE is not seen as a true global power on the same level as other wealthy nations. …


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