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I have a question. But it’s kind of a difficult one, so I was thinking… I’ll start with a different, simpler question and then go from there. Sounds good?

The gaming industry is in constant change. Every day we read about a hot new, upcoming technology: Stadia, Oculus, Magic Leap, VR, AR, MR, DualSense, UE5, blah, blah, blah… Tetris just doesn’t care. We were playing the game 36 years ago, and we’ll still be playing it in decades to come, no matter if they make it a battle royale or a crossover with cute anime characters.

So, what’s in this game that got us so hooked?

Some said that the game’s theme is gravity; others that it’s the greed of capitalism. …

Kyros Jalife

Games, narrative, psychology. Previously ms in game science and design @northeastern and @fulbrightprgrm.

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