If You Agree Being a Little Imperfect is OK

Sometimes getting up late and not achieving the perfect morning should be okay. We’re not robots. So as eating that one dessert and spoiling your days-long wellness streak… We’re not robots.

I think the challenge comes in when we abuse this “it’s okay to do once…” rule and the once becomes twice, then three, then ten times. But now, if we adopt the “it’s okay to do once…” rule in our lives to accept imperfection, and perfectly obey that rule, that’s perfection in itself too as we obey that rule perfectly. Then should we aspire for an “it’s okay to do twice…” rule? Why is it not okay if it’s three times? Where does it stop? How do we draw the line between the healthily imperfect and the poor life-performer without self-control?

It looks to me that the only way to define this line is through answering open ended questions. It’s a gray area, the existence of which hardly receives acceptance in our lives. Our certainty lover, pro good-or-bad, black-or-white society makes it hard for individuals to be healthily imperfect.

I wonder how many people experience disappointment and unhappiness as a result.