Find your passion.

So have I found passion??

Have you found your passion yet??

You have!? Well, good-o. Now you must Live Your Passion, every single day.

But if you haven’t found your passion — well! Either you’re not trying hard enough, or you need to enrol in my 7-day e-program The Seven Secrets to Finding Your Passion, Living Your Dreams and Achieving True Success

Passion is the most overrated word in today’s mainstream world.

The trouble with the notion of “finding” your passion is that it presumes that there is a single predetermined passion for everybody, and that it is something to be found.

You do not find passion, in fact you cannot find passion. How can you find something which does not exist

You create passion.

Passion is the feeling you get from mastering a new skill. It’s something to be cultivated, not sought for.

You create passion for something by habitually working for it through discipline.

This is important.

“Suppose you dislike your job, If your passion is ‘out there’, waiting to be found, you’ll feel that quitting is the only path to happiness….”

But if passions are made, then doing the job differently, so that you get a taste of success might make you passionate about it.

Once you get a taste of success through boring routine activity, the activity no longer remains boring. It becomes a habit.

It becomes your passion.

No great athlete became famous because running was their passion. Running is hard work. It is not a likeable work.

Just because they were disciplined enough to repeat the hard work day after day, it became their passion.

It is the ability to work, putting the emotions in the background when work isn’t joyful/easy/boring. That is what makes the difference

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