We need pride of Tampere tribe

Tampere is the hotspot of Finland. We have Vincit Oy — The Best Place to Work in Europe 2016, Solita Oy, Futurice Oy to name a few. We have really lively startup community, which forces the big companies to push the envelope.We have Tredea (the Tampere Region Economic Development Agency) and COSS (the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions). In addition city of Tampere is bold and eager to grow Tampere as an economic area. Heck! We even have an airport!

Off-shore stars and talents

Traditionally viewed tribe a is a group of distinct people, dependent on their land for their livelihood, who are largely self-sufficient, and not integrated into the national society. We do not want to be that. Tampere Tribe is globally connected; we have strong local ICT community which supports and mentors each other. We have tampere origin people who have left the area and found their ways to for example Jaguar InMotion CTO position. We need to keep the off-shore people in the tribe.

Agile startup community

We have agile startup community, which innovates new solutions everyday. But getting forward needs support. I’m not talking about money. Any startup member should be able to call experienced CIO/CTO/CEO anytime and ask for some mentoring. Offshore members of the tribe should feel bride of being members of Tampere Tribe.

Support low level innovation

At the low level, we have hacklab (Tampere Hacklab) with more than 300 members. Did you know that low cost 3D printing star company Makerbot Industries was born in NYC resistor — hacklab — and the founders did a 400 000 000 $ exit with it?

Joint higher education

Building on top of strong ICT and industry sector, Tampere has the potential and destiny to become Silicon Valley of the Europe. Did you know that Industrial Internet of Things was invented in Tampere? We have three universities which are joining forces to become Tampere3 — a new combined university.

We have everything in Tampere area to become the ICT hub of the Europe. Lets make it happen!