Simple Sensitive Teeth Remedies to Do at Home

If you notice closely, a lot of our lifestyle habits lead to dental problems. Regular things like drinking colas and smoking cigarettes cause a huge difference to the enamel of your teeth, making it deteriorate. When the enamel or the outer most layer of the teeth gets damaged, it leads to the exposing of nerve endings and when these nerve endings get touched by things like hot or cold food, you can feel a sense of tingling, pain or irritation in your teeth. While it is important to take an expert’s help in the case of overtly sensitive teeth, you can also handle the problem with home remedies if it is bearable. Here are a few things you can do to get relief from sensitive teeth:

1) Eliminating plaque

When you brush effectively and make sure that plaque is kept from forming on the teeth, you can make sure that they are protected from becoming sensitive. The plaque gives out acidic elements that damage the surface of the teeth and make it vulnerable to sensitivity.

2) Toothpastes for sensitive teeth

According to plenty of Dentzz reviews, and eminent dental organisations, when you suffer from generally sensitive teeth, you should make it a habit to use toothpastes that are made especially for teeth issues.

3) Baking soda solution

A lot of people find relief by mixing baking soda with water and rinsing the mouth with the solution. You can also try brushing your teeth with the solution to have them hardened and safe.

4) Change your brush

If you think your teeth are getting more sensitive by the day, try using a softer brush to remove the pressure from the teeth when you clean them.

5) Mouth wash

You can choose to use mouth wash after meals so that sensitivity can be controlled effectively. The fluoride content in the mouthwash helps in fighting the ill-effects of certain harmful foods.

6) Grinding teeth

If you are prone to grinding your teeth more often, you are more likely to suffer from sensitive teeth. You can choose to wear teeth guard to make sure that the teeth do not get weakened by constant grinding, especially during sleep.

7) Control food habits

Finally, the simplest way to control sensitivity in teeth is to avoid eating foods that are highly acidic.

With a number of basic measures and remedies, you can work wonders for the health and comfort of your teeth and for the rest, you always have access to the best dental care from experts in the field.

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