What is Bad Teeth? Are Bad Teeth Treatable?

We inherit the shape and structure of our teeth from our parents. If we go deeper, we would find that the composition of our tooth enamel is also determined by our genes. However, this does not imply that we inherit bad teeth from our ancestors and so, we should never take the liberty to blame our parents for the bad condition of our teeth.

The truth is that there are many factors that cause bad teeth which are not inherited. Let us take for example, oral hygiene. The habit of keeping one’s mouth clean is a learned behavior, not an inherited one. And if you do not maintain your oral hygiene, it is highly probable that you will develop dental issues. Starting from stains and spots on teeth to bad breath, you will have it all. If you do not clean the food particles stuck in the gaps of your teeth, it is highly likely that you would be attacked by germs. Quite soon, you might develop cavities. Moreover, you might also develop bad breath which is the ultimate human repellent. Along with that, the diet you maintain also plays a role in your dental health. If you suffer from deficiency of calcium and Vitamin C, your teeth will become weak and brittle over time.

Nonetheless, all dental problems are not acquired. There are a few dental issues which can be termed as birth defects. Deformities in the teeth structure, gaps between teeth and misshapen teeth are some examples. So, it is very important to note the reason behind your teeth being bad.

It does not matter much whether your teeth are inherently good or bad, as you cannot do anything here. All you can do is maintain the health of your teeth and try to mitigate any potential problems. Notably, inherited dental issues can be addressed through some dental procedures, broadly termed as mouth restructuring. Mouth restructuring generally involves surgical procedures which seek to bring the dental structure in shape. It is a long procedure and can get painful too. So, it is advisable to refer to an experienced dentist for the procedure. You would find good dentists in every major city of the country. You can search for such dental clinics in the online business directories. Best would be, if you pay a visit to Dentzz.

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