To Non-Christians: Why you should learn about Christianity
The Letter P

Mere Christianity was an infuriating read. C.S. Lewis was a pretty good author but his geopolitics was infantile. And his defence of medievl witch hunters was just infuriatingly naive. And his trilema is easily answered by adding the fourth option of legend. Jesus was not a lunatic, liar or lord, he simply never existed.

I’d ask in return how many other religions have you studied to the same depth? On what grounds do you reject Krishna or the Buddha? Heck how do you know that the Book of Mormon isn’t also divinely inspired?

And why are you only looking at scientist who lived hundreds of years ago, and not the ones who are alive today? Probably because the prominent scientists today are mostly atheists or agnostics. What has changes is that we have today a wealth of knowledge that hadn't been discovered yet back then. Many things which where inexplicable in the past now have natural explanations.

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