Scarf #1: Blood and Bog

Fighting the urge to make weaving-related puns. Must be my warped sense of humor.

For the warp: Udiapur in Cranberry Bog from Wandering Wool, (50% merino, 50% silk). 97 inches from back apron rod to warping peg, 114 warp ends, 10 dent reed.

For the weft: Newton Worsted in Pigeon’s Blood Ruby by The fiberists (seen in cake above, 60% merino, 40% silk). I like that both of these yarns were dyed in the metro DC area. Urban fiberworks!

Plain weave on a 20 inch Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle loom.

The color choices (same hue, different value?) worked well together. The warp had some interesting color variation, which added to a sense of texture.

Yes, the selvedges are a mess, thanks for stopping by

The completed scarf (60 by 10 inches, 6.5 inch fringe) has a nice luster, drapes well, and is very soft. The materials are very forgiving for a beginning weaver.

Darth Vader not included
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