Service Diorama Goes Live under Creative Commons License

Service Diorama is a card-type design tool that helps people visualize experience, which is very hard, and iterate co-creation with non-designers and designers. A printable PDF copy is available for free now under Creative Commons license. You can download the copy from Service Diorama website at

Service Diorama is also on Product Hunt. If you find it useful, please promote by upvoting and sharing with Twitter.

Challenges in Innovation in Organization

Many organizations strive to improve experience both internally and externally. Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction is important for them. Getting new employees on board is just as important as getting new users on board. All human interactions are “service” and can be improved with service design practice. Sales and marketing are services to customers. HR is also a service to employees. Service Design helps restaurant owners to improve customer experience without any special design knowledge.

How Service Diorama Solve Customer Experience Problem Differently?

Unlike many other similar design tools with card concept, Service Diorama has only three types of cards as well as visual signs such as colors and lines. The simplicity makes both non-designers and designers work together by using the cards to describe the experience image in their heads on the table in physical and visual form.

Service Diorama is:

  • A set of cards for collaboration and co-creation of services
  • A concept to use color and lines as visual language to describe service
  • Design Community to share best practice
  • Free (both private and commercial) under Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)


Q1: Can I use Service Diorama for commercial use?

A1: Yes.

Q2: How can I print Service Diorama?

A2: Bring PDF to professional printing shop. Ask them to print both sides. Use A4 size paper. Preferably over 200g.

Q3: How to color code?

A3: You can make your own color envelopes like I do. Alternatively you can also use sticker notes in different colors. I also use different colors of clothespins.

Q4: How to decides which types of card to use?

A4: People and Place should be pretty straight forward. Use Item cards for anything other than people and place.

Q5: How long should we have the session?

A5: No more than one hour. People cannot concentrate more than one hour. Running short sessions 5 times is better than running long session one time.

Q6: What other best practices we can follow?

A6: Invite users and partners. Invite someone who will have different perspective than yours. Also make sure you have “Parking Lot” for things you don’t know. You can do research later on items you have on the parking lot. Run another session with the research.

Q7: How can I ask questions about Service Diorama?

A7: Service Diorama is not just a product. Not just a concept. It is community. Join Service Diorama community in Slack and discuss about best practices.