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How can we as people motivate what caring about all people as a whole means to uphold Health Care is a Social Cause for everyone and not about Access plus Liability equal Capital or Owners Equity to protect Wealth Insurance Companies from Losing Money. The Five Estates-Executive, Legislative, Military (including Police Departments), Media, Banks and Insurance Companies are concerned more about protecting the Interest of the Wealthy than protecting the Interest of all people to motivate our Children to uphold what is right and forbid what is wrong. That is, the Ecological Interest of saving livelihood can go toward stop permitting waste in pollution from the sales of Tobacco Products toward wasting money permitting over-charging for Health Care Products. This issue is stop permitting Status Tactics, Who you know Tactics, Favoritism Tactics to allow I am a somebody and you are a nobody this why I can Lie and not have a concern for being above the law. This waste of Public Time And waste of Public Money is why the Merit of Stop Government Waste And False Records Keeping need for Public support and Public Exposure is important.

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