Dialectics of Change

There’s something about deep pain that pushes you harder to heal. The more I reflect, argue, self loathe I always circle back to healing the wound. All of my creative work is built upon pillars of healing, transforming the murkiest, most anxious time frames into woven prose. Writing facilitates the healing process, and comfort with the notions of growth, change, and time. You can rewind the clock and jump back into your body from years ago with writing, now with what you know, and learn those lessons over again. No change occurs without intention, or growth.

It is this same tender process that I find at the heart of each action I make. Reflection, turmoil, critical thought, pen to paper- this circle of thoughtful reactions beats at my rhythm. Turmoil, rejection, analysis, and comfort are all feelings I know too well. They live in the pages of my work in ethnic studies, tangled in the vowels and consonants of the words I choose. They burn in my chest when I read Shimizu, or Gramsci, or Pelaud.

And as soon as I think I’ve grown, I am hit upside the head with another challenge to face.