What is the Blockpass Identity Lab?

Blockpass Identity Lab is a collaboration between Blockpass IDN & Edinburgh Napier University. The collaboration exists to provide world leading research in Blockchain, Digital Identity & Advanced Cryptography.

Merchiston Campus, site of Blockpass Identity Lab

Its research collaboration with the university will see the creation of the Blockpass Identity Lab. The initial three-year collaboration also includes funding for research staff, PhD studentships and a virtualised blockchain environment.

A series of data breach scandals at companies like Yahoo, Uber and Equifax highlighted the risks of centralising the storage of personal user data. Blockpass is using blockchain to develop alternatives which allow users to retain control of their identity, with only they deciding who can access their sensitive personal data.

Blockpass chief marketing officer Dr Hans Lombardo said: “We continue to see identity management at the forefront of blockchain and cryptography discussions as the price of consumer data abuses becomes clearer and more pertinent.

“The creation of this lab in conjunction with Edinburgh Napier University will provide a space where further research and innovation can lead that discussion to newer and more advanced grounds.”

A key focus of the lab will be to create world-leading knowledge and innovation around citizen-focused systems which enshrine the right to privacy.

Professor Bill Buchanan of Edinburgh Napier’s School of Computing, the Director of the Lab, said: “The world is changing and cryptography is now being used to fix many of the problems we have created on the internet. It can now help create a better society, with the citizen at its core.”

The lab is currently looking for collaboration with SMEs, universities & the public sector to address a wide variety of blockchain related use-cases, such as digital voting, food provenance, construction sector compliance & supply chain tracking as well as wallet vulnerabilities.

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